Inspecting Your Fence After a Storm

If you live in a region where storms frequently occur, you might see tornadoes, ice storms, tropical depressions, or thunderstorms. This depends on the time of year. Of course, you’ll do everything you can to avoid any damage to your property.  

Though a high-quality fence can typically stand up to strong winds pretty well, you will still want to inspect it after a strong weather event. Checking your fences over for damage can help you save money in the long run.  

If you do notice some damages to your fence, you should quickly hire a fence company San Jose to fix it for you. 

Inspect the Vines, Decors, and Accessories 

One of the things you’ve got to inspect is the ancillary fence parts. This includes fence toppers, vines growing up the fence, and other components that can be blown off or damaged.  

You might have to remove any damaged parts if your decorative vines experience wind damage. Then, tie back the rest of the vines to the fence until they can develop again. A professional fence contractor can help you replace them if you notice that some components are missing.  

Inspect for Moisture Damage 

A couple of fences are more prone to water damage compared to others. You need to inspect the fence for moisture damage after a storm if it is made of a type of metal that rusts, wood-based composites, or wood.  

You will have to inspect for rust and corrosion with metal fencing. With wood-based composites or wood, you should inspect for soggy areas, water stains, and swelling. This is particularly true for spots close to the soil where high waters might soak the boards of your fence.  

Inspect for Splintering or Cracks 

If a wood fence obtains a strong impact, it can splinter and crack. On the other hand, a plastic fence can also crack under strong attack from huge debris. You can always patch a tiny hole or crack. However, if the damaged part is big, you might have to replace that part of the fence. Because of this, it is crucial to inspect your fence over for splintering, cracking, and other damages.  

Inspect for Paint Damage 

The paint of your fence can be damaged by hail, ice, and wind-blown debris. Because of this, you need to keep an eye out for any scratches, abrasions, and even missing sealant or paint as you walk along the fence.  

Inspect for Leaning or Sagging 

One sure indication that you have to repair your fence is if it is leaning or sagging. Oftentimes, your fence can also be knocked down by strong winds. You might have to deal with 1-2 posts that have become less stable if your fence is leaning just a little bit. There’s also a possibility that a huge piece of debris fell on your fence and it snapped a post.  

It does not matter. You can easily spot a leaning fence. A professional fence company can help you fix the damage and replace any broken posts or damaged sections.