Common Tile Colors and Their Effects

Have you walked inside a room and noticed how fast your mood changed? Were you suddenly overwhelmed and stressed out? Did you feel energized and joyful? Were you overcome with a sense of relaxation and calm? 

For those who don’t know, your particular emotions might have something to do with the color of the room. This includes wall colors and tile floor. In general, individuals have a tendency to feel the same reactions to colors. Thus, when choosing tile colors, it’s vital to take your time. This will enable you to choose precisely what you need.  

Before you hire a San Jose tile installation company, here are a couple of tile colors you should consider: 

Green and Turquoise for Harmony and Healing 

The colors green and turquoise signifies emotional safety, happiness, harmony, and nature. They’re extremely comfortable for the eyes. Also, green and turquoise tiles are great options for almost every room in your house since they’re associated with healing and tranquility.  

Gold, Orange, and Yellow for Warmth and Energy 

Gold, orange and yellow colors produce feelings of determination, success, creativity, and happiness. According to studies, these colors improve the brain’s oxygen supply. It also encourages brain activity and provides an energizing effect. Orange is the ideal color for a room in your house that requires a burst of energy and enthusiasm. On the other hand, yellow suggests sunshine.  

Remember that brighter shades of tiles are ideal for minimal and smaller applications. This includes backsplash and kitchen. Mix red and yellow with bright oranges to produce an energetic atmosphere. Meanwhile, muted or light gold, yellow, or orange are easier on the eyes. Also, if you want to achieve a sophisticated and warmer effect, try adding browns and dark grays to light oranges.  

White for Serenity and Simplicity 

Usually, white colors signify simplicity, freshness, purity, and cleanliness. White tile flooring and walls can make rooms appear more spacious and prominent when utilized in the house. In addition to that, the bright color can also signify a new beginning.  

Unfortunately, an abundance of white in a huge room can come off as sterile and bland. Thus, it is vital to counter the monochromatic colorway with a burst of color. Think about your countertop, vanity, or accessories to get that contrast. Still, white tile is a practical and elegant option when used properly. This is particularly true for laundry rooms, bathrooms, and modern kitchens.  

Blue for Tranquility and Stability 

The color blue signifies peace, wisdom, trust, serenity, and tranquility. Also, it is the most stable color. Therefore, it produces a comfortable and calm setting. Also, it is the ideal color to provide that “beach” look. Thus, blue is a great tile color for a home office, living rooms, bedrooms, or bathrooms. Also, blue colors can help improve productivity, lower the heart rate, and maintain focus. Blue-greys and plain blues can be an excellent addition for your backsplash. You should also think about adding blue tiles to your laundry room. Make sure that it fits properly in the room you’re planning to add it.